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Buma/ Stemra and Sena

Buma / Stemra provides licenses to parties that use music. These are, for example, radio and TV stations, concert organizers, catering establishments, shops and much more. By means of a license, they give permission for the use of music.

Sena regulates the rights of musicians and producers. They receive compensation from Sena if their music is played in public. Every day, Sena is committed to music rights holders. There are now more than 30,000. Musicians and producers receive their compensation thanks to music licenses. radio and TV stations, concert organizers, catering establishments and shops conclude such a music license at Sena.

Each radio station must therefore apply for a license from both Buma and Sena. Topradio is of course affiliated with both organizations. For any questions regarding our Buma and Sena licenses, you can always contact us.